Stop the school

Experiential learning is our philosophy of life.

After 5 years service as IALT organization ( in the education, it is time to remind ourselves of our mission by answering the gloomy question: why are we here.

Any clerical education program act to develop a righteous person who is an active citizen, with a sense of duty, resilience and love for enterprises; unfortunatly the conventional and standardized education we’ve received during the 20th century, forgot to enhance the innate and intimate power that everyone of us receive at birth: the power of the emotions.

It has always been clear that there is more than we think in anyone of us in terms of quality and vastity; we have a natural physical aptitude to overcome our received educational inaptitude.

This weak education system is accomplice, of the decline of our contemporary society; nowadays we observe even a dramatic decline of our natural and primitive force as Homo Sapiens.

Modern methods of locomotion and the fast pace of life, are guilty in the decline of health and individual fitness.

TV shows, social media and show business, have caused the decline of natural action skill transforming most of the people into a “noisy audience” with no initiative and braveness.

The confused and compulsive modern life, overwhelmed by superficial and manipulated information, is guilty in weakening the love for history, memory and even imagination.

High demand of goods and the industrialization drive, even for the food, is killing any craftmanship and ability to do things by hand.

And what about the fear of a word as discipline, associated with tyranny and violence, as if the discipline could not live with the freedom.

Last but not least the unbearable decline of compassion due to the narcissism egoic.

As IALT organization we certainly agree that education is never indoctrination and force someone into a specific education program is just manipulation. But at IALT we think also that our duty is to guide and even plunge people into experiences which are likely to present opportunities for self-discovery. Especially youngsters.

Offering challenging experiences, in respect to the people’s wishes, we might be able to enhance the natural growth of inner human qualities which the participants of our projects will need for their own happiness. This achievement will transform their stay in this life, anyone in his way, in a service for the whole humankind. I should say that this is my way to be “pragmatically idealistic”.

Be realistic, demand the impossible. E. G.

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