W.I.L.D. - Learning and Facilitation

“Wildness methodology” in adult’s learning

to grow yourself and your organization

In order to grow as individual or organization, no laboratory is greater then the Nature,
Sometimes the most ordinary learning can be achieved extraordinary
by facing our Nature in the Nature.

Learning from the best W.i.l.d. Training


Even if you’re not the star, you may keep strongly connected your audience.

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Overcome your fears in facing an audience
  • Tools and tricks to speak with confidence and impact
  • Telling a story to promote yourself, ideas, projects, motivation
  • Learning from the “giants” how to be effective with your outer and inner voice


Are you ready to approach the negotiation sport activity?

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Enhance your ability to face very different points of view
  • Stop using techniques only: we learn to conceive the partnership
  • Negotiate in pairs, in a group, in a conflict
  • Being generative in finding solutions


Humans evolved the art of storytelling to keep the people together.

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Learn more about the success of a story
  • Tell stories that connect, in convention, social network, corporate communication
  • Manage archetypes to influence the unconscious
  • Listen to the stories of others to exercise emotional and social intelligence


How much value is in your staff?

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Manage good coexistence between generations
  • Transform your senior experience into teaching
  • Facilitate know-how sharing with proper tools
  • Motivate yourself and stimulate the others motivation


What if the history had been written by women.

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Teach who works with us to overcome stereotypes
  • Build a female growth path in three distinct phases
  • Learn how to design both your own professional and personal path
  • Communicate assertively and not aggressively


How does Stoicism feel about facing your fears?

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Recognize and accept the origin of uncertainty
  • Turn fear into an opportunity in decision making
  • Use concrete tools to beat our minds
  • Design fear to increase your courage


What’s first, what follows, who does what?

What you learn through amazing experiences:

  • Create a sequence of sustainable and progressive actions in a project
  • Building Clear objectives, defined roles, priorities and coded processes
  • Learn to use a process control method
  • Manage projects with several easy sharing methods

W.i.l.d. Values and Pillars

Welcome to the W.i.l.d. team

Nobody can do great things alone. Our team is a safe place, where you can find trust and specific competences. Here we’re proudly introducing some of our international consultants and trainers. More then 20 team fellows are working to make our clients successful.

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