W.i.l.d. Revolution

Philosophy and Method

The best in learning is in Wildness method run by the best international team.

Adults are characterized by maturity, self-confidence, autonomy, and are generally more practical, purposeful, self-directed and not so receptive to change.

When they approach a learning path, criticism, can build up a shield to the contents. We have had to face this reality.

Years of International research programs on what can be effective in adult’s learning, lead to our “Wildness methodology”.

Wildness is not in the forest. Wildness is a state of mind that we can meet in a meeting room.

This is our everyday job. In your Wildness you would find new resources to face hard challenges of the near future.

Authenticity, trust, deep and interested listening, large picture viewing, tools and competences are pillars of our philosophy with an anthropological view of human societies.

Therefore we might be agent of the change process in your company.

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